Nigel Jowett


Nigel Jowett

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” appears large in the company’s Corporate Objectives. As the Chairman of In-site I like to think that the culture starts with me.

We are here to enjoy ourselves and be ourselves. I wouldn’t want to think we take ourselves too seriously, so winding people up and tweaking their tails is a good starting point.

Despite this or… maybe because of this we are pretty good at what we do.

I am not as ‘handsome and powerful’ as I’d like to be but I can rub two twigs together to light a fire, shear a sheep in two minutes and Barefoot Water Ski. And if Archie knows what’s good for him he’ll do the same.

Likes - the sound of rain on the roof of a car or caravan, log fires and road trips with Maltesers