Tenant Spotlight


The Valley Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic. They are based in The International Development Centre in Ilkley, just off Valley drive.


Physiotherapy is the core therapy on offer. Skilled, experienced physiotherapists assist in the management of all types of musculoskeletal problems; like sports injuries, back and neck pain, arthritic conditions and surgical rehabilitation. There are also specialist physios who treat people with neurological conditions, paediatric problems and symptoms related to the pelvic floor. The clinic recently took on additional space in The International Development Centre, allowing them to create a rehabilitation gym. For those who can’t travel, domiciliary visits are arranged.

In addition to the clinic-based work, The Valley Clinic offers a Workplace Wellness programme which helps businesses support occupational health and wellness. For local businesses, the clinic offers an affordable employee benefit plan. All IDC tenants benefit from a 10% discount.

Other therapies on offer include Massage, Bowen Technique, Psychotherapy and Podiatry. Details of all therapies can be found on the web site www.thevalleyclinic.co.uk.