All our tenants are provided with a Tenants' Handbook which contains an abundance of useful information and contact details.

We have attempted to answer a few of the more frequently asked questions below, but if you don’t find the answer you need, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to hear from you.

Once you and our Property Manager have agreed terms for your unit or office we will provide you with your lease. Because we create leases in-house it means we can turn them around in the same day if required, which means you get quick access if you need it.

(This is subject to checks, completion forms and monies).

In-site insures the buildings and will invoice you the premium applicable to your unit, for which a certificate of insurance will be provided confirming the premium and maintaining transparency. 

Because we buy our insurance in bulk (one broker for all our sites) it means we benefit from a quantum saving which we pass on to you. As landlords we only insure the buildings so please note that all other insurances such as contents, employer’s liability, public liability etc. remain your responsibility. Any claims associated with your unit will incur an excess which is payable by you, this is currently £350 per claim and is subject to annual reviews.

It depends on the lease terms but generally your rent is collected quarterly in advance by direct debit.

All sites benefit from security fencing around the perimeter and controlled access to and from the Estate for vehicles and pedestrians. Many of the sites also have CCTV systems with 24 hour surveillance from a remote monitoring centre.

The infrastructure of services supplied to the units and how these are managed varies from site to site. Some units have a direct supply for which you will deal with your chosen supplier directly, whilst other units are sub-metered from a main meter and In-site will invoice you directly for services supplied based on your actual usage. You will be informed of how this works at your chosen unit before you take occupation so you know what to expect and the current tariffs.

You will be responsible for business rates for your unit or office.

It depends on your lease terms, if in doubt ask us! Most leases for our industrial units are a fully repairing and insuring obligation (FRI) lease. This means you, as the tenant, are responsible for its maintenance. We simply ask for your unit to be handed back at the end of your tenancy in the same condition as it was handed over to you at the start. We won’t ask for improvements. If you have been in your unit, say for a couple of years and have stayed on top of general maintenance (e.g. cleaned your gutters periodically and not dug holes in the floor) then it should be a simple process of handing back the unit, perhaps with some redecoration. If however, you have been in your unit for 10 or 15 years and not taken care of it we will ask you to either carry out some repairs before your lease end / vacating. If (in this example) you simply walk away we have the right to carry out reasonable repairs and charge the costs back to you.

We are very open to fair and reasonable conversations and will always work with our tenants with the aim of coming to a solution that works best for everyone.

Our Chairman, Nigel Jowett, is passionate about trees and has been since he was a young child. The Cedar of Lebanon is the tree on our logo. If you ask our Chairman why we have it he’ll say, “In the absence of a Cedar of Yorkshire we have the Cedar of Lebanon as it’s a regal and aristocratic tree found in the grounds of many stately homes. Trees and In-site are honest, bold, grand and strong.”

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