Carrie Kirkham

Business Improvement & Compliance Manager

Originally a ‘southerner’ Carrie relocated to Yorkshire in 2007, and joined In-site in April of that year during the Head Office transition from Scotland to Yorkshire.

Since then Carrie has seen a lot of changes and grown as a person with the Company, fulfilling several roles in the Finance Department and looking after anything else that was thrown her way (including the occasional rugby ball).

After returning from a 2nd stint on maternity leave in 2015, Carrie adopted the role of Business Improvement and Compliance Manager, a challenging, fast paced and extremely varied role to keep her on her toes to say the least.  Over the past couple of years this role has gradually developed into further areas of the business, with Project Management becoming a firm favourite.

Outside of work she thrives on family time, enjoying the antics of two very energetic children and the various activities and excursions they all enjoy together. 

Likes – calamari, pasta and wine, time with friends, snuggling up on a cold day by the fire, and getting to the end of a run! 

Dislikes – traffic jams, ignorant people and soggy roast potatoes.