Jacquie Cross

Marketing Manager & PA

Jacquie started in this newly created role in May 2013. It covers a variety of areas. Being PA to the Managing Director and having responsibility for marketing means no two days are never alike. As she tends to get bored easily and enjoys a challenge she claims it’s the perfect job for her. “I love the fact we are a small team but perfectly formed team, every individual plays their part.

There’s no hiding here, we all recognise how our actions impact on others – it’s a perfect example of team work. We work hard and we play hard, there's no Monday morning blues in this team.”

An avid gardener with very little knowledge of plants, Jacquie spends most of her free time socialising (Mr Cross is a great cook) or pottering in the garden.

Likes – the beach at Northumberland, Champagne, Cava and laughing with friends

Dislikes – pineapple, dirty nails and people who hog the middle lane on motorways