Laura Boyle

Director of The Impact Branch

Laura Boyle

Laura started working with In-site in 2019, when Nigel, Carolyn, Alex and Jacquie were ready to develop something that was already very core to In-site: the ways it maximises the positive impact it creates for the people and environment around it. Together they designed an impact strategy, and now Laura is happily part of the team running the impact investing strand of this family enterprise - The Impact Branch

Beyond The Impact Branch, Laura works on a variety of projects that contribute to a transition to an economy that works in service of people, and of our planet. This means all business considering the impact it creates in the world as the same level of importance as its profit. It means investing in ideas and people who have solutions to tackle inequality and our climate emergency. She is head of stakeholder engagement for impact investor Snowball, trustee for a global incubator of social entrepreneurs DOT UK, and founder of a social enterprise Square Circle, for which she was recognised by NatWest and Pioneers Post as UK Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise. 

And she is Alex's sister. 

Likes - reading, the first coffee, travelling to visit art galleries, cycling especially setting off on a trip, Amelie and Oscar, friendships with people of all ages from all walks of life, people who are up for hearing a new idea and thinking about their own personal impact, summer evening wine and chat, London. 

Dislikes - anything that doesn't give someone the time and space to draw out their strengths and talent.