1st September 2015

Blink and it's gone!

Blink and it's gone!

Well not quite a blink but the demolition process of our office block at Cross-site was still pretty quick. It makes way for a larger yard to go with the only unit available at the site at Cross Green, Leeds. The unit is 81,565 sq ft so a bigger yard makes sense.

The job of a demolition worker has changed from the days of using a wrecking ball when it was almost impossible to control where the ball would swing. Cross-site is strategically positioned right alongside the A63 at Cross Green Industrial Estate but this ideal location meant safety during demolition was even more controlled. You can see how giant pincers were used to take down the metal roof girders here.

We think demolition work must be rather satisfying - let go of all that tension by smashing a wall down, yep it could work for us.

So if an industrial / warehouse unit of 81,565 sq ft with a newly created yard is of interest you can find the details on our Property page for Cross-site or just click here.