18th April 2017



This month we say goodbye to our Security Operative, Ron Murray, as he retires after 18 years’ service.

Ron started as a CCTV operator in 1998 and although his role has changed slightly over the years, his focus has remained with the CCTV aspect of his job. If an incident has been captured, Ron has never failed to locate it on camera. He has a keen eye for the detail that most of us would certainly miss. And now we will miss him. He said this is the best company he has ever worked for and as he's a man of few words, we know he means it.

If you read about Ron on our team page, you’ll know he loves to travel but not on your normal package deal holidays. Our managing director Alex Boyle is pictured with Ron presenting him with a gift of travel vouchers. We hope Ron will enjoy using them for some interesting leisure breaks.

We are sure you will join us in wishing Ron a very long and happy retirement.