3rd June 2015

Security conscious

Security conscious

Making sure our sites are safe and secure for tenants is serious business. All of our sites have security fencing and most of our sites also have monitored CCTV.

Much like alarms, CCTV cameras can act as a very good deterrent. If people know they’re being filmed, they are less inclined to break the law in such blatant ways.

We have a dedicated Security Operative who monitors the footage from the CCTVs on our sites – see more about Ron Murray on our team page. Ron has an eagle eye - he sees things most people miss. If a thief tries to steal something in sight of a CCTV camera having footage of the incident can help the police find them and of course recovering the stolen goods.

This isn't new news but it's worth a reminder - we work closely with our tenants and their businesses and providing secure sites is part of our customer service.