22nd December 2020

Seeing is Believing

Seeing is Believing

Two Ridings Community Foundation Annual Review 2019/20

We arranged 'Seeing is Believing' visits to Hull and Richmond in January 2020 for Nigel Jowett, Alex Boyle and Jacquie Cross from In-site Property to meet groups we thought met their interests in supporting entrepreneurial projects helping the most marginalised people in our communities.

"Having met Jan and the team, we were immediately comfortable with the idea of supporting Two Ridings. Their selection of pre-approved charities and CIC's was wide ranging and they were able to pick a shortlist of entities that they felt were well aligned with our values and interests. I can't recommend the 'Seeing is Believing' day highly enough if you are considering investing. Get on the road, see the causes and meet some beneficiaries. We connected to individuals and for us that brought the process alive... it became tangible. Whilst we were careful not to stipulate to Two Ridings where our money should be spent, it was fantastic to know broadly where in the community our investment would make an impact. It was also interesting to learn and see first hand how vital it is to support the less glamorous aspects of these entities as well, for example paying some electricity bills, contributing to back offices, raw materials etc. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Two Ridings - now is the time to step up".

Alex Boyle, Managing Director, In-site Property Solutions Ltd

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