6th December 2023

The Impact Branch reaches an initial £100k of grants and investments made for impact!

The Impact Branch reaches an initial £100k of grants and investments made for impact!

Despite being hampered by a refusal at committee for its industrial site in Bilsthorpe (which is currently being appealed), The Impact Branch is still reaching many lives! Here are some examples of who it has helped so far…

Autism plus – scoping works for a Glamp site to help the charity drive a new revenue stream.

 Veterans’ Community and Enterprise hub – after a failed attempt The Impact Branch bought back the plant and machinery in the hub (where we already support with space) to allow the new format to set up! The new centre will be training Veterans, many with PTSD to reintegrate with society and the ultimate goal is for them to walk away from the hub with skills and qualifications that see them able to enter the civilian workplace.

Two Ridings Community Foundation – paying for an administrator to free up the team to maximise their impact and grant making duties! Two ridings work with hundreds of local charities and provide financial and other support to them.

 Two Ridings managed, Impact Branch Fund- ‘The Kick Start Fund’ does exactly that – allows small charities and CIC’s to make a go of it. Funding can be for basic support or for specific projects which may be otherwise hard to find. Initiatives need to be entrepreneurial and have potential to bring an income stream for the charity / CIC.  

Two Ridings Scarborough appeal – The Impact Branch was proud to attend and support the royal visit from Kate and Wills! Their visit raised a six figure sum – all for impact and support to local youth groups and charities. Well done to Two Ridings for organising the event.

Clean up CIC – We look forward to partnering with Getting clean  https://www.gettingclean.co.uk/ and assisting their growth. Watch this space!