29th December 2020

"We know the new Hub will save lives"

To welcome in 2021, we want to share this positive message received at the end of 2020. 

"On behalf of the team here at Veterans Wood Craft I would like to Thank You all for the tremendous support you have given to us over the past year. 

From our first meeting with Nigel and Alex we knew that our vision of another veteran's workshop was possible. What we did not realise was the extent to which we could achieve even more than we expected.

You have all played an important part in making sure we can achieve our aim. What you may not realise is the boost you have given our confidence, that feeling of self-worth, that we can achieve dreams even after the traumas we have all been through. I know that Jacquie has met one or two veterans and experienced their thanks for the new workshop project, and the way it has already changed their lives.

I would also like to mention the extra special support we have received from Andrew. He has been brilliant.

Thank You all, it's been a difficult year for everyone, we have come through with a laugh and a positive attitude.  May I wish you all a Safe and Enjoyable Christmas, we look forward to the new challenges of 2021 for the Veterans Wood Craft Hub, achievable in no small way, with your support.

We know the new Hub will save lives."

Chris Morgan, Veterans Wood Craft

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2021 from the In-site Team