Who are we?

Our commitments and responsibilites

We are an award-winning family business with over 40 years of industrial property ownership and management experience.

In-site Property Solutions has carved a niche for itself with properties in the North of England and the central belt of Scotland.

 In-site’s offices at Bowcliffe Grange, Bramham.
In-site’s offices at Bowcliffe Grange, Bramham.

Historically 100% of the company's assets were based in Scotland. Now over 75% of the company’s assets are located in Yorkshire and the North East of England and we anticipate that figure will rise. Our Corporate Strategy document sets out our values and culture, along with our strategy and corporate objectives. It also highlights our structure. Please feel free to download our Corporate Strategy document in it's entirety.

We may appear to be a bit of a mongrel but we are pure bred Yorkshire. Our association with Wharfedale rugby club as joint main sponsors could not be a better match of values and ethics. More information about this and our other charitable and sponsorship can be found on our Community Page.

The In-site culture is what gives us a sustainable source of competitive advantage, especially as customer service is so critical to our income, reputation and longevity. How staff are treated at In-site and how we treat our customers is what defines our company and gives us an identity.